Crypto Cubs Club

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About the Crypto Cubs Club

The Crypto Cubs Club is an NFT-based project created for collectors by collectors. We believe that everyone should be able to collect and trade, regardless of their funds. Most projects ask you to buy their NFT upfront, but at the Cubs Club, we do things differently. If you engage with the project and participate in the Cub Community you will be able to claim NFTs and qualify for airdrops (#CubDrops).

Once you claim or receive a Crypto Cubs Club NFT it's yours. That means you can do anything with it. If you'd like to sell it, trade it, or give it away then go for it! The Crypto Cubs Club was created for collectors to have fun and enjoy the NFT space. As the project grows over time and you gather more Cubs and receive more #CubDrops, don't forget the core cub concepts of generosity and kindness.

Project Structure & Breakdown

There are three different OpenSea Collections related to this project. Each collection holds different pieces from the project, but they all work together.

Wallets that hold either a Crypto Cub or a Common Cub will qualify to receive those limited edition NFTs in the Cub Club Commons. The more Cubs of any type or series a collector owns the better their chances are at receiving more #CubDrops. Additionally, the more a collector engages with the project the more likely it is they will receive #CubDrops. Finally, collectors who are generous and share the project with others will be kindly rewarded!

Project Finances

The Crypto Cubs Club project finances are simple.

  • We do not sell NFTs directly, we give them away.

  • Our collections have a 10% royalty on them.

We want everyone to be able to collect NFTs, and that's why we believe in a "Mint to Demand" model. Rather than making 10,000 PFP's and selling them we'll make a limited number or a number strictly based on demand. This ensures a level of scarcity with each one of our #CubDrops and Common Cub releases. Additionally, it ensures that the collectors who participate the most will be rewarded the most.

10% royalty on the collections is to push collectors towards trading between each other rather than selling. As well as generating a small form of revenue to help sustain project costs.

Polygon Blockchain

The Crypto Cubs Club lives on the Polygon blockchain for a few important reasons. First, Polygon is gasless and this is vital to the success of this project. Being gasless allows large amounts of Common Cubs to be minted, and then transferred to wallets that claim them without enormous gas fees. Without this feature, the project would not be sustainable.

Second, being gasless ensures that collectors can trade, and collect without breaking the bank. If a collector had to incur a gas fee for a transfer then they'd be less inclined to make a trade with another collector. By having no gas fees collectors may transfer to each other free of cost as many times as they'd like. It also ensures that when a buyer goes to purchase a piece from a Cub Collection they aren't paying more than the sticker price. If you see that a Common Cub costs 0.0015 ETH/WETH then that's what it will cost.

Lastly, and most importantly the Polygon Blockchain is already running on the PoS (proof-of-stake) mechanism. Our world and environment are important. The Polygon Blockchain uses considerably less energy than other blockchains. In comparison, an NFT created on the Polygon Blockchain is the same as sending 2 emails in terms of energy usage. While minting an NFT on the Ethereum 1.0 Blockchain takes the same amount of energy as sending 20,750 emails.

The yearly energy consumption of Polygon is (0.00079 TWh), most PoW Blockchains use (35-140 TWh).

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